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ادبيات حرفه ای جهان

Mohammad Bagher Kolahi

محمد باقر کلاهی

يكم مهرماه 1329 مشهد

شعر و گفتگو


Afghanistan Centre


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به آوارگی نويسندگان رها خوش آمديد

کتاب الکترونيکی خود را منتشر کنيد

Mohammad Bagher Kolahi is one of the greatest professional poets who writes in Persian today. His poems are known for its unique style and content. Kolahi, a world-class poet who portrays global feelings and elements in his verse, is best acknowledged for his pictorial quality that covers different forms and structures-transcending the physical and the metaphysical. He is a master in creating a mythical quality in his works.

Kolahi's poems bring discerned readers from across the globe to a common platform and strive to unite every human being. The geographical vastness of his poems is amazing. His work is appreciated by readers from Iran, the country of his origin, to India, France, Africa and much beyond.

Kolahi has published five books: Above The Four Elements (بر فراز چهار عناصر), A Garden Inside The Nightingale’s Beak, (باغي در منقار بلبلي), Getting Renewed Again (از نو تازه شويم ), I Wish (كاش) and Demon And Fairy (ديو و پري ), The last published by RAHA Book. In the following pages you will find an interview and some of his poems in Persian. You can download demo in an e-book format from RAHA book section. If you like his verse, you can read more of it by placing an order with us.

 Kamran Mir Hazar

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