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   Valéria Álvares Cruz 

          Nights are made of dreams

          Obscures and brilliants pictures of mind

          Spiders in the web of life

          Black and yellow bees

          Mysterious work of a ten thousand insects

          Hidden treasures carved in the soul

          Like ancient and precious stones

          Rubies, emeralds, diamonds and pearls

          Faces of yesterday

          Lost in the sands of memories

          Evanescents fairies with wings of butterflies

          Lightning bugs in the heart of darkness

          Dancing in the waves of existence

          While falcons flying over deserted hills

          And forgotten landscapes of the brain

          Inner language, symbols and magic signs

          The eyes of the Unknown

          With unexpected revelations

          Scars of the impenetrable.

                                                                   Santos, August/2001     







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