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 Shima Nesari Haghighi Fard

A poor gazed at the sky

Asking the lord that why?

This affliction is on me

Happiness in life I can not see

When I was a little child

Dad erased us from mind

Flying all the way to you

Mom all alone with her hue

When I hold a book in hand

She said literacy no need to understand

On your own feet you have to stand

You have to work just like your dad

Holding this muddy cup so hard

Pulling the riches feet with hand

Holding their bags on your loin

Begging till they drop you a coin

Life In tatters you have to pass

Night you have to pass on grass

The poor dropped his crystal tears

While his heart was embraced in fears

Mom life should not be that cruel

My soul cant follow with no rule

I dream to hold my parents hand

Playing on the beaches and sand

Till when from winter I have to freeze?

Asking, crying, begging, saying please

Give me something warm to eat

A small shelter where I can seat

Peoples looks breaks my heart

Draws my tears on face as art

My life can not fly in my dreams

My face cant sink in cold streams

Till when my tears wash their shoes

Till when my dignity I have to loose

Stepping my bare toes on the snows

While my faded face, hunger shows

Pulling their leg, for something to wear

Kicking me, yelling ,that how I dare?

Touching our shoes with your hand

Holding them with your dirty hand

Passing my nights on the ground

While for eating nothing found

Mom looked at me with all her love

Look inside, see what you have

Gold and beauty is not for them

In front of Lord  they will feel shame

Manner and soul is what you had

Its not what it has sent from mom and dad

Hold tight in hand paradises cord

Always thank and praise the Lord





In a night, thunder and cold

A mother, her baby hold

In her eyes, drops of tears

Whispering in her babies ears

Hush my beloved, my angel

In my arms your life will fail

Food your hands can not reach

In your life you cant face teach

Dad is sick in these days

Life he earns, if he pays

For shelter we have no gold

For dad every thing we sold

No coin I have to pass the days

Life with our lives easy plays

Rent for house I have no more

My life has no open door

Kissing her cheeks while she cried

I failed every step Iv tried

Holding her hard in her chest

While her heart affliction taste

Dark embraced her howl inside

No love can take your love aside

For your good is what I do

Dear, Mom always loves you

Maybe in this world of hate

One fondled you for Gods sake

Mom will keep you in her mind

Loving you in heart nice and kind

Leaving her child in the rain

While her heart was full of pain

O Lord how nice would it be

If some one my pain could see

Listening to my weary sound

Helping me up from the ground









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