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The poets symbol

Original Malayalam: P.P. Ramachandran

Translation: Santhosh Alex


I am here

a chirp

is enough to explain this.


I was here

the dropping of a feather

is enough to explain this.


I would be there

the warmth of the

hatching of egg is

enough to explain this.


How could  you expect

a bird to explain its

life in a more simple way ?


The poets symbol


            I have to locate

the poets house

in the university campus.


There are numerous ways, streets

its easy to get confused.


There are houses

on the either side of the road

their shapes are similar

from outside and inside.


I remember having

visited his house once ,

There was a gauva tree

in his yard.


We cut the raw poem

and tasted it.


His identity is gauva

not his name.


When I move on

with the smell of fruits

a dog in uniform

passes by me.


He smells the gunpowder

and reaches the poets house

before I do.



P.P. Ramachandran

Santhosh Alex

Raha PEN/1/11/006






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