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Meisam Afkhami


Shadow will die
Roots will cry
One told with sadness 
The judge hides under stone flakes
Opening views
Human lost their choose
No one dose realize
Fear senses recognize
Dance of love doesnt mean
Motion of kindness couldnt seen
Hell of souls in songs of burn
Human drunk from distortion gain
Constructs our brain with lie and lie
Forgets our heart in flashes of fly
Ideology cemetery surrounded thought
And light in existence goes to night

Poor and rich

Polluted   judge denies gods   kindness
And the piece of bread kisses sadness
And the people pay money for forgiving
Dont have  any peace for receiving
Moon gifted lights to darkness
 Lakes embrace waves of oceans
Whole of earth sleeps in ignorance
Sky guides stars to sparkle in dance
Hungered child smells Christ
Sense of safes steel ones ghost
Poor or rich dont mean by love
Hearing shout from the Peace dove
Judge requests heat and light
Escapes the earth from burn and fight

One curtain

Carpet of light in dreamy sky
Guide our soul to fly and fly
Shape of night in corn of human
Destroyed hope ,this is planed with Satan
Christ looks at the pains that miss
joliet addresses to the last kiss
If the days run back down to the first meet  
Love refuges from face to create
Human are tired for crimes of war
Peace, absolutely send  so far
The morning prays for earth  hopeful
Under boots the judge is again painful
Interrupting pens territory with hells force
Weapons ,king of thoughts are artist coins



Dear sirs

I have visited Rahapen website and I really admire your works

Im a 23 year old Iranian boy who has finished his studies in Attorney at Law , beside my studies and work I enjoy writing poems in persian and english, I have mailed some of my poems to you, my picture is in the attached file, hope that rahapen accepts my poem

With the hope of freedom in writing

Hope to hear from you soon

Sincerely yours

Meisam Afkhami








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