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Peter H. Conners

Poets with alarm clocks in their foreheads

i despise your dream

the one that stuffs your ears w/eggshells &

cotton candy & never takes the dog out

for walks. it whimpers.

i despise your dream

it speeds up lakes that were rivers

in motorboats tossing beer cans

into New Dead Seas. it covets crude.

i despise your dream

it belches lackluster obscenities

into soft tissue baby ears. it has a bag

full of excuses &its fist gets caught inside.

i despise your dream

it dragged my brother 20 miles under

toxic truck wheels so it never had to feel

his eyes.1

It feels his eyes.1


i despise your dream

it never sleeps. it conceives far too easily.

it rattles death breath on earth & has lived

forever in drowse & in shallows.1

i despise your dream

its cold sweat visions of a

freedman hurricane tearing out its

heart for 7 doves to lick w/sandpaper tongues.

i despise your dream

am of the nightmares of your dream: a

legion of hungry poets w/minds for souls.

These heartfelt visions of your awakening.














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