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Kamran Mir Hazar

With respect

with love

with the shining sound of Ghamar Al-Molook Vaziri (1)

with wild red-winged horses

 with the circle of a wave that runs through a the wave

with Ney Anban (2)

with the paradisiacal tones of a saxophone

with travel

with the inventor of the first plane


A lost sense

drinking wine in lost taverns

the duty of the first cupbearer (3)

the duty of the first lovely melody

the first one who submitted to travel

became a passenger

packed the suitcase

the one who never spoke in his native language

the one whose words got disturbed through French words


with the humbleness with love

with happy music

with a space and sorrowful melody

from the survivors of Ashkaniyan (4)

the pure descendent of Kooshaniyan (5)

with the child of the sorrowful Mir Hazarthe king of kings- (6)

from the poet of rains


With respect

with the royalty of the month October

and the time that knelt down on his veins

and rain that would be rich towards all countries and divisions

maybe by the Brazilian god

the god who worked in all cane sugar farmlands

by the unformed and air-like naked space 

connected to one foot of the devil

with the red-skinned of the south of the California

with red roses ceremony in the disturbed Afghanistan  (7)

and the being strange of our martyr


In each land which rain falls on

the sorrowful poet is in each land

by the sky,

by water,

by the soil, fire and wind which are current in the times figure

and has got rolled in death by magic

that its the very measure

the quality which comes from lost windows

and thats not a volley of any gun

death is living inside the worlds soul

the identity out of all fantasies

without feeling any pain

you will become a garden

that is watered by a virgin


Death is the formed sense of the human-beings

that it is the measure

and the time is equal with what human-beings can do

time will stay equal till the passenger returns his home

out of the current of all betting and tickets of lottery

time is rolled in death by magic

and this sunken ship will return to tattooing over and over again

and its passenger will arise

for participation in a ceremony

to see the fight in the field of bullfight

in the beginning of a painting which rain falls on


Rain will be towards all lands

towards all the countries and divisions

towards the fully-lined face of an afghan soldier

towards the unformed and air-like naked space

directed to the space of thunder and song

this dusty cradle and old stage-coach

connected to one foot of the Devil

while beginning of the ceremony and singing inspirations

to form a ballet in the grief of whom you like


Getting pushed towards an afghan melody

while getting blended with the shining sound of Ghamar Al-Molook Vaziri

joining the first tones

by the initial tones

by music.


(1) One of the  initial female singers of Iran

(2) An instrument in eastern music

(3) Saghi in eastern culture

(4)An Iranian dynasty of royalty   

(5) An Iranian dynasty of royalty

(6) A king imaged in the Afghan' mind

(7) A ritual celebration in Afghanistan





Translated from Persian to English by: Soroush Gholami













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