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The Charm Of Spring

By:Taraneh Javanbakht

I passed in a garden
with the gaits of the wind.
I saw the owner of garden
with the art of love
in the look of a rose.
The branches of all the
trees were ornamented with
the blossom of the apple.
Bravo, the art of the charm
of the spring. The green
velvet of the grass has
spread its skirt for seeing
the munificence in the
hearts of my companions.
Flowing with the joy, a pond
in the garden took the fishes
that song the love melodies to
the abode of dream. Bravo, the
art of the charm of the spring.

I heard the joy of love in
the clamour of hundred
swallows. Then I saw the
feast of the trees that had
the branches ornamented
with the blossoms of love.
They song together the
melody of unity: bravo
the art of the charm of
the spring.

The Broken Wing

The color of its wing is the sign
of freedom. Flew in the paradise
with other emigrants, in my long
reflection the wild pretty swan.
It was a captive for the bad hunters.
Its wing was bloody, it hurt by an
arrow, the sad broken wing. Groaning
of the pain, it fell in a vast lake. It
rained intensely. The tears of the sad
sky kissed its bloody sore. The swan
is in fact the nice country of pride.
I dream its flight again in the sky.



Biography: I was born in Tehran (Iran) in may 1974. I got my B.S.
degree in chemistry in
Tehran in june 1996 and came to
Paris in 1997 in order to complete my studies. I got
my M.S.c and doctorate at
Pierre and Marie Curie
University in Paris. I am now resident of Canada and I
live in
Montreal. My works have been published in
various literary journals and magazines in
Iran. They
contain lyric and modern poems.

RAHA/4/March /2004






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