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Thomas Reissmann

In the Pink of Wealth

A medical thriller set in the murky world of money-minded Mumbai hospitals

Sumit Ghoshal

Rs 180; ISBN: 8188811173 

Critical praise:

Cleverly using the mode of fiction, Ghoshal virtually runs a scalpel across the medical fraternity, hospital managements and redtape-riddled health centres The narrative is easy; the style lucid.

The Indian Express

The book is an insiders view of the medical profession. It lucidly captures the murk that lies behind the walls of the hospitals.

The Asian Age

The book speaks about the conflict between he doctors and hospital management and highlights how little say doctors have in the treatment of a patient.

The Free Press Journal

The author uses fiction to discuss malpractices in hospitals

Mumbai Newsline 

Where Doves Fly

A childrens book for adults, with an anti-war perspective

Kamlesh Rajesham

Rs 60; ISBN: 8188811181 

Critical praise:

The basic ideas of war and understanding hostilities are quite good.

Paromita Pain, The Hindu

The story lends an insight into apprehensions experienced by shielded-from-adults-affairs children when they discover the dreaded word war.

Gitanjali Sharma, The Tribune 

Urban Voice: Essays from the Indian Subcontinent

Finely crafted essays by well-known writers from the Indian subcontinent. The contributors in this volume include: Rehan Ansari, Sanjaya Baru, Dilip Chitre, Aditha Dissanayake, Dilip D Souza, V Gangadhar, Ramachandra Guha, Rohit Gupta, Kiron Kasbekar, Margaret Mascarenhas, Meena Menon, Sevanti Ninan, Frederick Noronha, Aakar Patel, Dilip Raote, Kalpish Ratna, C P Surendran and Suma Varughese

Editor: Sunil K Poolani

Rs 150; ISBN: 8188811025 

Critical praise:

The essays touch on a wide range of topical issues communalism, investigative journalism, the sexual abuse of minors.

The Telegraph 

Under a Quicksilver Moon 

A collection of poetry

Abhilash Warrier

Rs 100; ISBN: 8188811041 

This small collection of poems remains thematically confined to the poets personal reflections. However, delicate constructions, finely-tuned lines and the aura of freshness in the authors approach to day-to-day issues make the poems quite readable.

Anoop Verma, Sahara Time 

The Rape of News

A collection of comments by well-known editors, writers and PR personnel

Editor: Sunil K Poolani

Rs 30; ISBN: 8188811017 

Critical praise:

The title of this booklet says it all.

Johnson Thomas, Business India

Questions the ethics of the media when every newspaper follows its own set of rules rather than universally recognised standards.

Manas Shrivastava, One India One People

Strongly criticises the trend of selling editorial space.

Frederick Noronha, The Hoot

A booklet that is getting pretty food response.


An outcome of The Times of Indias announcement that it is marketing its editorial space in that paper and other publications the group publishes.


A New Friend 

A Spanish novella

Nacho Blanco

Rs 30; ISBN: 8188811033 

Critical praise:

Half an hour is all that it takes to read the novella A New Friend. But, by the time you reach the last page, a part of you yearns for more, and before you realise it, you are back to page one and reading the short story again pausing and pondering over the feel-great phrases and the reach-out-for-the-sky parts.

Gitanjali Sharma, The Tribune 

The gleam of Blancos message in this novella will unerringly catch the eye.

Aparna Jacob, Views Unplugged 

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A novel by a debutante youth

Jasmeet Chhabra

Rs 150; ISBN: 8188811009 

Critical praise:

An outcome of resolute questioning.


A fine example of commitment, efficiency and quality.

P K Ravindranath, The Asian Age

Loosely knits characters who are essentially each one of us.

The New Indian Express

New endeavours like this will hit the nail in the head of established writers like Arundhati Roy and Salman Rushdie.

One India One People

An impressive debut.


As the mind has no boundaries, the RAHA concept does not have frontiers and is opposed to information and cultural control by global communication entities whether media conglomerates, states or local governments, or religions

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