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RAHA Membership


RAHA Members

RAHA Membership

Do you wish to join RAHA's independent writers’ home? If so, please read the RAHA charter and answer the questions below.

RAHA Charter: 

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If you are an independent writer you can join RAHA and support this independent association. It doesn't matter who you are; nationality, color and language are no barrier. The only objective is that you and your work should fight for unobstructed reading, writing and speech. Once you become an active member, you can send in your work to us, in any language you write. Please answer the below questions, and send three original samples of your works and a photo.

  • First name:

  • Last name:

  • The genre of your writing?

  • Published writer: Yes/No

  • list of your published books
  • A brief account of the nature of your work:

  • Which subjects do you like to discuss between the writers in RAHA?

  • Do you have any plan to support the new talent writers and also promoting freedom of reading, writing and speech?

  • Can you support RAHA with the financial matters?

  • A couple of your written works:

  • Email address,  postal address, telephone and fax:


Dear readers, you are our mainstay, without which we will remain unheard and unappreciated. We need your solemn support in the form of opinion about RAHA's writers and their written word. We will honour and publish your critiques in our readers' section. And please do no forget to answer the below questions and send us.

  • First name:

  • Last name:

  • Email address:

  • Opinion and support

  • Email address,  postal address, telephone and fax:



Send us your membership requisition


E. Harikumar

 Writer - India

Santhosh Alex

Translator - India


Hamid Reza Ferdowsi

 Writer - Critic -Iran

Hashem Javadzadeh

Poet  Photographer- Iran


Writer- Translator



C J  Landrum



Kamran Mir Hazar

Writer- Poet -Afghanistan


Evolving times and the wind of exile( Biography)

Sunil K Poolani

India- Writer- Journalist

English Editor

 A short biography

Mohammad Bagher Kolahi

Poet- Iran

Mina Kabuli

Writer - Poet -Afghanistan

Randeep Wadehra

Poet - Writer- India

Lisa Anderson

Poet - France

Shoma Chatterji



Najla Bakhtar



Mahmoud Jafari

Poet- Writer


As the mind has no boundaries, the RAHA concept does not have frontiers and is opposed to information and cultural control by global communication entities whether media conglomerates, states or local governments, or religions

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