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 Kabul Press, World Media Home

Sherko Bekes


The lake in which the writer

was drowned

glanced down at its bottom.

when it had a closer look

it saw on its bed

where the pen lay

at rest

how a big red fish

had spawned its roe for

thousands of short



In the old days a story ran:

A poem attached itself to

the jewellery of an empress.

Time went by.

When the empress died.

the poem,

at the emperor's behest,

was buried together with

the empress and her jewellery





That night in the valley

all the lights

were extinguished but one:

the lamp of the poet

who was watching over

the painful wound of a poem




This mountain is like that.

It looks like a tall man.

lt feels cold twelve months a year

Wearing a grey narrow coat

Buttoned with four large rocks.

This mountain happens to be like that.

Today at dawn there was

Heavy bombardment.

I was only worried about that tall man.

When I looked at him later

He was the same

Standing up-right.

Only a button from his coat

Was slightly undone.



If from my poems

You wrench away the flower.

From the four seasons of my poetry

One of my seasons will die.

If you exclude love

Two of my seasons will die.

If you exclude bread

Three of my seasons will die.

And if you take away freedom

All four seasons and I will die.



When I touched the bough of a tree

it trembled in pain

When I held out my hand to the branch

the trunk started to weep

when I embraced the trunk

the soil under my feet shuddered

the rocks groaned

This time when I bent down and collected

a handful of earth

all Kurdistan screamed.














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